What Is Metaverse Anyway ?

What Is Metaverse Anyway ?

The company Facebook, or the company that "was" Facebook changed their name to Meta on the 28th of October, 2021 came with the concept of Metaverse. It is basically a world that doesn't exist in real life. Using the Virtual and Augmented Reality concept, Facebook has decided to make a kind of alternative virtual universe, calling it 

The Metaverse. In this virtual universe, you can basically do anything, want to fly.....DONE. Want to swim underwater as long as you want...CHECK. Want to reach Mars before Elon Musk...VOILA. Facebook got it all covered. It is a universe in which if you want to hang out with your friends or conduct a meeting, you just have to send them a link to your Metaverse. ( just like how we conduct meetings now using Google Meet or stuff like that )

But it's not just rainbows and sunshine. It is a virtual universe, VIRTUAL which means NOT REAL. At the end of the day, you have to face the real world in which you live. And it is going to be terrible to come back to the real world from Metaverse in which you were like the King Of You Egypt.......or something like that and now you look in the mirror and see your real life isn't that exciting at all.

But in the end, let's conclude with a little bit of optimistic view about the future and The Metaverse and just hope that it is going to change the world in a better way.

But Which World ???......LOL

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